This curriculum project, a lesson on Islamic Cairo, could be used in a unit on Islamic civilization in an advanced placement high school world history or world civilization course, or it could be used in a college level Middle Eastern history or Islamic civilization course. Upon completion of the lesson, students will be able to describe in writing the appearance and function of Islamic Cairo, a living example of a medieval Islamic city. The lesson takes the form of an interactive slide lecture, a simulated walking tour of 25 monuments in Islamic Cairo. The lesson strategy is described in detail, including materials needed and a possible writing assignment. The lesson first provides a brief architectural history of Cairo and a short description of the different minaret styles found in Cairo. The lesson then addresses the slides, each representing a monument, and includes historical and architectural information and discussion questions for each. Contains 12 references.

Author(s): Stanik, Joseph T.

Source: ERIC Education Resource Information Center

A Walking Tour of Islamic Cairo