The Crusades and Islam. A unit study for grade 4.

Author: Serota, Laurie

Source: ERIC Education Resource Information Center

These two mini-units are designed to supplement the areas of study dictated by the Core Knowledge Sequence, a content-rich curriculum used in the educator/curriculum developer’s school. The mini-units fall in the middle of a 6-month-long study of the Middle Ages and incorporate the depth of content required to support the larger unit on the Middle Ages. The units include appropriate fourth-grade skills and interdisciplinary connections. The first mini-unit on the Crusades contains five lessons, each of which lists educational objectives for students, study procedures, and evaluation procedures. The unit contains a 21-item bibliography and a list of videos and other resources. Appended are comprehension questions, poems, and informational material. The second mini-unit, Islam, contains the same number of lessons with the same objectives and procedures. This unit contains a 20-item bibliography and a list of videos and resources. Appended are a vocabulary list, comprehension questions, a list of English words of Arabic origin, and informational materials.

The Crusades and Islam