Beyond Islam: Understanding the Muslim World – Pakistan – Unit Level Middle

Author: Jamie Fletcher – World Affairs Councils

In the wake of the attacks on September 11th and the subsequent War on Terror, U.S. and Pakistan relations have improved dramatically and reached new heights of bilateral cooperation. Given the strategic position of Pakistan in South Asia, with neighbors like Afghanistan and Iran, it has emerged as a critical player on the world stage. This means that educators who address South Asia can no longer look at Pakistan as a mere side note to India, or as simply a window into Islamic culture. Pakistan’s role in global politics now goes “beyond Islam” and takes on a new level of importance. This curriculum will allow students to explore diverse facets of Pakistan’s geography, history, and complexity to enable students to think more deeply about the important role that Pakistan plays in our modern world.

Beyond Islam: Understanding the Muslim World – Pakistan


  1. Pakistan Resources
  2. Pakistan Slide Show
  3. Activity Sheet
  4. Student Questionnaire Geography
  5. Web Tour Student Question Sheet
  6. Research Sheet
  7. Presentation Plan Sheet
  8. Reading and Discussion Guide
  9. Interviewee Sulatana Ahmed
  10. Interviewee Fatima Khan
  11. Interviewee Khalil Rana
  12. Interviewee Syed Masood
  13. Interviewee Hasan Hafeez
  14. Project Timeline
  15. Research Form
  16. Skeleton Plan
  17. Storyboard