A Trip to Turkey

Author: Fitzhugh, William

Source: ERIC

Level: K-5

Turkey, a large non-Arab Muslim country at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, has been an economic and strategic partner with the United States. This unit, designed for elementary students, provides a text, questions, mapping skills activities, and fun activities. Students read information about Turkey to gain an appreciation of life in that country and make comparisons between Turkey and their own neighborhood. The unit uses a variety of strategies, including reading and responding to writing prompts, creative activities for students to apply their knowledge artistically, and activities for incorporating the five fundamental themes of geography. It gives educational objectives, delineates strategies, cites materials needed, provides background notes, discusses evaluation, addresses national social studies and geography standards, and encompasses teaching the social studies using the five fundamental themes of geography: (1) location; (2) place; (3) movement; (4) environment; and (5) region. Three maps of Turkey are attached.

A Trip to Turkey (PDF)