Name: Mary Mark Munday

School: Maryland Institute College of Art, Young People’s Studio; Center for Art Education faculty, Charles Carroll Elementary School

Programs: Cultures in Clay, grades 3-8

Discipline/grade level: Art, grades 1-5

Rationale: As one would travel through an Islamic garden, exploring its parts, marveling at the individual design elements and comprehending the parts-to-whole, so the progression of this unit can be used. The first lessons could be used with elementary participants and successive lessons for older participants, or all can be a small introductory course in all aspects of the Islamic Garden. This, lesson 5, is the end of the garden path, the site of still water – the reflecting pool.

Using knowledge and practice of geometry, participants design and build substantial clay vessels to hold a pool of water and clay elements that are designed, built and arranged to be reflected in the water. The theme of this lesson is The Self, expressed in visual symbolic form and pattern as elements to be reflected in the water. The resulting artwork is viewed as one – object and reflection

Grade Levels: Intended for grades 5 – 12 and adults. The last lesson in a unit of lessons-as-journey through “Islamic garden” themes, lesson 5 explores the concept of self. Aspects of one’s self are often made visible through the unique processes and choices for art making. Reflection itself is a double entendre in this lesson – both the product and the desired activity after making.

Islamic Gardens