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Presidential Election 2008 The First Debate: Iran, Iraq & Afghanistan by Alan Shapiro

Opening a Dialogue: How people in Muslim countries view the U.S. & how people in the U.S. view Muslims by Alan Shapiro

Pakistan: Unstable U.S. ally by Alan Shapiro

Afghanistan: The Return of the Taliban and Heroin by Alan Shapiro

The Sunni-Shiite Conflict by Alan Shapiro

Iraq: ‘A grave and deteriorating situation’ by Alan Shapiro

Iraqi Civilian Deaths: A Statistical & Political Controversy by Alan Shapiro

Genocide in Darfur, Inaction in the Security Council by Alan Shapiro

Middle East Conflict: A Civilian Catastrophe by Alan Shapiro

Children’s Book Study Guides: The Librarian of Basra and Alia’s Mission: Saving the Books of Iraq by Tom Roderick

Israelis vs. Palestinians: New Leaders & Old Problems by Alan Shapiro

Shirin Ebadi: Nobel Peace Prize Winner by Alan Shapiro

A Road Map for Israelis & Palestinians: A Resource Unit by Alan Shapiro

Israel, the Palestinians, and the United States: Three Lessons for High School Students by Alan Shapiro for ESR Metro

Oil: Saudi Arabia, the U.S. & Osama bin Laden Three Lessons for High School Students by Alan Shapiro

FOUR LESSONS ON The Current Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Alan Shapiro