Many public libraries carry the Cobblestone and Cricket magazines. They are a wonderful addition to your home or school library. For an overview of magazines for every interest or age level go here.

Here are some easy to use FREE teacher’s guides in correlation with the magazines:

Appleseeds Magazine
2003-11 Islam Today

Calliope Magazine
2009-01 Arabic Lights (link not working on 3/15/2009)
2008-12 World Religions
2007-01 The Silk Road
2003-12 Quran
2000-02 Abbasid Caliphs
1999-04 Ibn Battuta

2002-05 Arab Americans

2008-02 Islam in Africa
2006-03 Afghanistan
2006-09 Egypt
2003-05 Palestinians
2003-11 Jordan
2001-01 Morocco
2001-11 Saudi Arabia
2000-02 Berbers of Sahara

2006-03 Malcolm X
1999-09 Mansa Musa

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