Islam: Portability and Exportability (PDF)

The Muslim Diaspora in Europe and North America

The program on Islam: Portability and Exportability, organized by Samy Shavit Swayd, was a collaborative effort between the Center for Near Eastern Studies and the Center for European and Eurasian Studies to combine a seminar designed for diverse students in a wide variety of disciplines, with a public lecture series featuring scholars in diverse fields presenting their current research or earlier findings on diasporic Muslim identities. The program was funded by the US Department of Education and supported by the UCLA International Institute and other research units and organizations in the UCLA system and the Southern California area. The seminar ran for four years, first in the History Department (2004) and then in the Sociology Department (2005-07). The program was designed to pursue inquiries and areas of research with descriptive and comparative aspects, to examine broad international developments and their impact on diasporic identities, and to tease out future paradigms for the technological and post-Enlightenment age.