I am a huge fan of my local library! My children and I spend countless hours a week rummaging the books or simply looking for a Zen moment. I admit, I order my reading material online and spend most of my time in the newly renovated Children’s Library. We love the friendly staff, especially Sheryl, who just always seems to know (unlike me) what my children want to read. My daughter cannot wait to visit her after school and is always disappointed not to find her at her desk. She also added some nice reading materials and videos related to Islam to the collection. Thank you Sheryl!

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This morning I discovered that the library added a brand new service: LINK+, a cooperative book-lending program between many public and academic libraries in California and Nevada. LINK+ provides an easy way for you to search for and request titles not available in your local library.

Can you imagine all the new reading materials with reference to Islam I can read now? Of course…I already put some 20+ books on hold. If I do not post for a while…do not disturb…I am reading, InshaAllah!