Islamic Movements in Comparative Perspective

Islamic Movement in Central Asia: What They Are and Are Not
Schoeberlein, John – Harvard University

Contemporary Shiite Movements in the Middle East and Beyond
Cole, Juan – University of Michigan

Beyond Violence: Jihad and the New Gama’ah Islamiyah
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All Politics are Nationalist: What we are re-learning about the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood
Stacher, Joshua – Kent State University

The Struggle for Power in Afghanistan: Tribal Leaders and Islamic Militants
Monsutti, Alessandro – Yale University

Radicalization of Muslims in Democratic Philippines
Rasul, Amina – University of Michigan

The Dynamics of Competing Islamic Educational Movements in West Africa since about World War II
Ware, Rudolf – University of Michigan

Ahmad Kuftaru and His Brotherhood in Contemporary Syria
Weismann, Itzchak – University of Haifa

Islamic Movements in China
Gladney, Dru – Pacific Basin Institute at Pomona College