Part of Mr. Wulf’s World History Class at the Olive Vista Middle School, Grade 7.

Be sure to take a look at the Islamic Times Project!

Arabian Peninsula Tree Map
Circle Map Life of Muhammad
Comparison Chart
Flow Map Crusades
Flow Map Life after Muhammad
Map of Trade Routes
Growth of Islam Unit 2 Pages 78-79
The Beginnings of Islam Pg 80-81
A Journey to Mecca Pg 82-83
Chapter 3 Lesson 1-Life on the Arabian Peninsula Pg 84-89
Life Along a Trade Route Pg 90-91
Chapter 3 Lesson 2-Islam and Muhammad Pg 92-96
Create a Distribution Map Pg 97
Chapter 3 Lesson 3-Islam after Muhammad’s Death Pg 98-103
Chapter 3 Review Pg 106-107
Islamic Times Project
Chapter 4 Lesson 2-A Golden Age in the East Pg 118-125