Name: Steve Kachadorian

School: Damascus High School

Grades taught: 11th and 12th grade

Grades appropriate: High School, College, and Adult.

Disciplines: Comparative Religions, Medieval History, AP European History, and Modern World History

Disciplines appropriate: Comparative Religions

Duration: one 45 minute class period

The two common shared physical experiences among all humans are birth and death. It can be an unnerving truth, but a truth that all people must come to terms with at some point. Religions manifest this anxiety through stories of the end of the world and what is beyond. Whether it be the great battle between the gods and the giants from Norse mythology, the cataclysmic end of the world on December 23, 2012, as foretold by the Maya, or the Book of Revelation from the New Testament, religions have offered a version of the end to their followers. Islam and Christianity stand today as the two largest religions. To study their versions of the Day of Judgement offers the students an opportunity to read primary sources (the Bible and the Koran), analyze art, and see the similarities and differences of the two religions. Also, it does so by appealing to a universal curiosity of what lies beyond.

Lesson Plan