By: Change the Story

Never has it been more important for religious leaders to educate constituents about Islam and those who hold this faith dear. Public misperceptions and media stereotypes in the aftermath of September 11 have led to widespread inaccuracies about Muslims in this country and around the world. Surveys show that vast numbers of non-Muslim Americans know little or nothing about their Muslim neighbors. The stories non-Muslim Americans tell about Islam are frequently colored by fear, misinformation and prejudice.

This curriculum offers a starting point to help religious leaders counter these misconceptions. Its purpose is to increase knowledge and understanding of Islam and the Muslim community in order to reduce misinformation and promote mutual respect. While it is not age specific, this four-session plan offers a primer for religious educators. These sessions also expose some of the myths about Muslims so dominant in our culture and introduce students to stories told by Muslims themselves. The goal: to humanize Muslim Americans who may number more than five million. Each session has been designed to take approximately forty minutes.

Resources for Educators: Lesson 1
Resources for Educators: Lesson 2
Resources for Educators: Lesson 3
Resources for Educators: Lesson 4
Resources for Educators: Information About Islam