Aicha is a Senegalese second grader from a local village outside of Dakar. Students have already been introduced to Aicha earlier in the year and understand that she lives in a village. Ballel has also been introduced as Aicha’s cousin, also Senegalese, but living in Dakar.

Description: Aicha visits her cousin Ballel in the city of Dakar, spending the weekend, and taking a tour of the city in search of items to prepare Ceebu jen a national dish which can be eaten after going to la mosquée on Saturdays. The items needed for the dish can be found at Le Marché Sandaga.
Time: One to two weeks based on 30 minutes lessons three times per week.

Objectives: Students will visit le Marche Sandaga to purchase items needed for Ceebu jen , a flavorsome marinated fish cooked with tomato paste and a variety of vegetables. Student will also use basic French phrases to communicate with the merchants.

Lesson Plan