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In the spring semester of 2010 the Outreach Center put on a workshop looking at Hip Hop in the Middle East region and Africa, and this Online Resource is one of the culminations of that interdisciplinary academic inquiry. The workshop particularly focused on emergent global forms of Hip Hop culture that provide unique points of access into contemporary socio-cultural currents in the Middle East region. Some of the inspiration for this inquiry and initiative, which also comprised a Hip Hop performance on campus with Syrian-American artist Omar Offendum and a visit to a local High School by the Arabic Hip Hop Palestinian artists, DAM, is an appreciation for how contemporary art in general, and Hip Hop in particular, can generate unique learning opportunities about the Middle East region for students in America. There is a broad range of applications and uses of Hip Hop for secondary school courses including inquiries into contemporary issues and politics, youth culture and resistance narratives, race and gender politics, national [and trans-national] identity, globalization and media, literature and linguistics, and art and culture.

Characteristics of Islamic Architecture and Art: a slideshow.

The Well Read Muslim features interesting lesson plans tied to literacy. Do not forget to visit this sister’s other blog:

I came across sister Saraa’s blog on Sisterswhoblog.

This blog is a place for parents, teachers, librarians and care givers to obtain information about:
recommendations and reviews of books and multimedia for Muslim children and young adults
the content and themes of books for Muslim children and young adults
tips and issues surrounding reading and literacy
information about children’s and young adult libraries as related to Muslims

Lesson Plan

Welcome to Calligraphy Qalam—we’re glad you’re here. On this website you’ll find a variety of interactive tools and information to help you learn more about calligraphy in the Arab, Ottoman and Persian traditions.


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