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A Group Project Abroad (GPA) by Carol Bacon

Topic: History, Social Studies, Geography

Subject: Where in the World is Morocco?

Duration of lesson: 3-50 minute lessons

Grade Level: K-5

Rationale: The students will develop an understanding of Africa and its diversity; and an understanding of Moroccan culture and geographic features.

Lesson Objective: The students will analyze and interpret maps of Africa, Morocco, California, and the Moroccan flag to learn important facts.

Download File: FullModuleCarol.pdf

Thirteen U.S. teachers blog from Morocco about their experiences in a five-week seminar with the UCLA African Studies Center, sponsored by the Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad program.

In this lesson, students will learn about a group of people and their desire to return to their homeland, many of whom have been refugees for nearly 30 years. The struggle of the Sahrawi people to claim Western Sahara introduces students to the idea that the security of home and a place to live is not something to be taken for granted. The women and children fled Western Sahara to live in Algeria in 1976. Since that time, they have struggled to organize themselves, bring education and health care to their people, and increase international awareness of their plight. In 2000, the National Union of the Sahrawi Women started a race, the Sahara Marathon, to publicize their situation and bring resources to their community. In this lesson, students will visit a series of Web sites to learn about the history of the Sahrawi people, their relationship with neighboring countries, their lives as refugees, and how these women have used their power to organize and obtain the resources they need to thrive in such a hostile environment.

Global Maghreb provides insight into this important region by highlighting several themes, such as heritage and preservation, religion and politics, music and cinema, immigration history, and the representation of North Africa in American popular culture. The variety of materials and resources presented here supports our mission to shed light on the cultures of Islam by showcasing its North African nuances and their reverberations worldwide.

This exhibition is the first of its kind presented at the National Museum of African Art to focus exclusively on the tradition of beautiful embroideries, textiles and jewelry from the Kingdom of Morocco, located in Africa’s northwestern region. The 67 works presented here are selected from the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s vast collection. The nucleus of that collection came from a gift to the Indianapolis Museum in 1933 from the Niblack family of their entire collection of textiles, which was accumulated from Morocco and other countries all over the world.

Wil je iets meer weten over Marokko?
Dan is dit de plek!

Voorwerpen uit het dagelijks leven brengen gewoontes en gebruiken uit Marokko een stukje dichterbij.

Deze jongerenwebsite werd gemaakt door Lotte Govers en Odette Peterink van Pienternet naar aanleiding van de tentoonstelling: Marokko – Levend Erfgoed in het Etnografisch Museum

Travel back in time and meet the Morocco of the past…


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