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Grade: 7th – 10th Grade
Brief Description: Migration is a recurring theme in world history. Students will recognize the complex interactions between groups of people who come in contact with one another, using the Aryan migration into India and the current conflict in Darfur. They should be able to explain that conflicts in these areas have many causes including the relationship between agrarians and pastoralists.

1) Students will be able to identify that the effects of migration are evident in both ancient and
contemporary cultures
2) Students will be able to define “pastoralist” and “agrarian” and explain the relationships between these groups of people.
3) Students should be able to make some connections between the migrations of the Aryans and the settling down of pastoralists in Sudan.

Lesson Plan

Target Grade Levels:
Grades 7-12

Conflict, Peace

Students role-play peace talks between India and Pakistan and examine related political, social and economic issues.

Located in Agra, India, the Taj Mahal is a complex of gardens, mosques, and minarets constructed as a tribute to Shah Jehan’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal, after her death. In his grief, Jehan vowed to build the most beautiful tomb ever. Explore the spiritual motivations that shaped the Taj Mahal and the city of Fatehpur Sikr.

Teacher’s Guide

Ramadan in India by

Muslim-Hindu Conflicts in India

Author: Thandi Center

Source: Religion and Ethics Newsweekly

Level: 9-12 Grade

What are the Causes and Consequences of Muslim-Hindu Conflicts in India? (HTML)


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