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Prepared by Kevin Jamison, Education Intern, FPA


In this lesson students will come to understand several different issues regarding Turkey and the European Union, mainly the issues surrounding the membership of Turkey to the EU. They will be taught through discussion, in-class activities and homework; what is the EU, why does Turkey want to join, why does the EU want it as a member? Etc. They will also develop opinions on the matter thru an in-class activity and a homework assignment, both requiring research.

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Syrian Colloquial Arabic Course: A well-written free online course with downloadable written and listening exercises. Please visit:

Global Maghreb provides insight into this important region by highlighting several themes, such as heritage and preservation, religion and politics, music and cinema, immigration history, and the representation of North Africa in American popular culture. The variety of materials and resources presented here supports our mission to shed light on the cultures of Islam by showcasing its North African nuances and their reverberations worldwide.

Through this learning activity, students:

* Examine how history, culture, and geography influence a person’s perception of a particular place
* Construct a historical knowledge base of conflicts in the Middle East by immersing themselves in the role of individuals who live there
* Research and analyze how historical, geographic, and cultural factors influence the views of various groups of people found in the Middle East
* Apply what they have learned concerning the Middle East and technology, and create a multimedia presentation for the class

Lesson Plan

Seven Daughters and Seven Sons is the retelling of a traditional Arabic tale in which a young woman disguises herself as a man and opens up a shop in a distant city in order to help her impoverished family. Her disguise causes her many complications but she eventually succeeds in redeeming the family fortunes and finding her true love. Students will learn aspects of Middle East culture and geography through reading the book.

Lesson Plan

See what two amazing teachers have been working on by incorporating the history and culture of Turkey with a videoconferencing grant! They have developed a great blogsite that describes their grant and their interest in teaching students about Turkey. It is a valuable teaching tool for educators filled with links, interdisciplinary lessons plans, resources, video clips, and more!

Every once in a while you come across a website so amazing that you need to share it with everyone you know, and Mideast Image is one such site. Sponsored by Creative Syria, this website hosts an archive of an Exclusive Private Collection of original photos, post cards, historical documents, and art objects from the
Levant, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. These images were taken as early as 1850. Explore the cities of the Middle East through these wonderful photos!


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