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On Valentines Day in 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt welcomed Saudi Arabias King Abd al-Aziz Ibn Saud aboard the U.S.S. Quincy. This eyewitness account by the meetings sole interpreter provides a fascinating glimpse into one of the first official meetings between U.S. and Saudi leaders. It was first published by AMIDEAST in 1954 and reprinted in 1955 by Selwa Press. AMIDEAST is pleased to provide it [here] with permission from Selwa Press.

In this lesson series, students will become aware of the history of the Middle East, including U.S. policy interests in the region, the history of colonialism and military conflict, and the current issues that impact the political, social, cultural, religious, economic and diplomatic landscapes. Students will be encouraged to discuss their views on these topics, to think outside-of-the-box, and even to formulate their own policy solutions to some of the ongoing conflicts involved.

Particular attention will be paid to:

• Iraq

• Iran

• Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

• Sunni/Shiite Divide,

• Lebanon, Hezbollah and Israel (including the military conflict in 2006)

• The role of Saudi Arabia in the region

• Other key players – including (but not limited to) Syria, Egypt, the Arab League, and OPEC

Middle East Lesson Plan Middle East Lesson Plan (59K) [download]

Madinah Mini Unit Study

Author: Ummibra

Source: Talibiddeen Jr.

Madinah (HTML)

Voices of Saudi Children

Source: Harvard University – The Outreach Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Level: High School

voices of Saudi Children

Mali to Mecca – Mansa Musa Makes the Hajj

Author: Alix E. Peshette – Schools of California Online Resources for Education

Explore the achievements of two Islamic empires during the Middle Ages in a problem based learning adventure!

Mali to Mecca – Mansa Musa Makes the Hajj


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