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Name: Laura Provencher
Institutional Affiliation: Graduate Student at the University of Arizona Department of Near Eastern Studies

“Night of the Moon”
Grades: K-5
This is a multi-disciplinary lesson based on the book “Night of the Moon,” which involves reading, social studies (learning about the Muslim celebration of Ramadan), science (phases of the moon), and Language Arts (homophones, homonyms).

* Read-A-Loud
* Exploring Phases of the Moon
* Homophones & Homonyms

Name: Louise Forsyth
Institutional Affiliation: Poly Prep Country Day School

“Florentine and Ottoman Women of the 14th – 16th Centuries: A Comparative Curriculum Unit”
Grades: 6-8
This lesson uses short primary documents to challenge students’ assumptions about the status of women in the Ottoman Empire and Renaissance Florence.

This is the full-text, electronic version of the book originally published in 1992. In this study of the changing religious practices of a Dyula Muslim community in Cote d’Ivoire, the author examines the ways in which this religious and ethnic minority group living on the fringes of the Muslim world maintains its ties to the universal Islamic tradition while adapting everyday religious practices to the local context. Through the lens of this specific community, Launay elucidates the interaction between fundamental Islamic beliefs, anchored historically in the Arab Middle East, and the continually changing ways that Islam is lived, wherever it is professed. The book is made available on the Web as part of the University of California Press’s eScholarship Editions project.

Name: Judith Lambert-Winfield, Dale Williams, Debbie Davis

School: Martin Luther King Middle

Grades taught: 7th /8th grade

Grade appropriate: 7th grade

Discipline taught: Foreign Language

Disciplines appropriate: FLEX and Japanese

Duration: 2 days. Classes meet daily for 45 minutes.

This lesson will teach students how to identify the gifts of the East, to trace the origins of these gifts, and to present their findings to the class in the form of a writing activity (shape writing).

Lesson Plan

Guide book and lesson plan

Course website with syllabus and bibliography.

Developed by: Middle East Medievalists Member Prof. Nasser Rabbat (MIT)


Printable Handouts


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