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This is the full-text, electronic version of the book originally published in 1992. In this study of the changing religious practices of a Dyula Muslim community in Cote d’Ivoire, the author examines the ways in which this religious and ethnic minority group living on the fringes of the Muslim world maintains its ties to the universal Islamic tradition while adapting everyday religious practices to the local context. Through the lens of this specific community, Launay elucidates the interaction between fundamental Islamic beliefs, anchored historically in the Arab Middle East, and the continually changing ways that Islam is lived, wherever it is professed. The book is made available on the Web as part of the University of California Press’s eScholarship Editions project.

Muslims in Britain is a publication of the Islamic Society of Britain


Make Ramadan more memorable with TJ’s Ramadan memory book! Record facts about Ramadan, activities completed, crafts and recipes that were made. Interwoven into the book are several mini lessons. The Ramadan Memory Book can serve as a Ramadan curriculum guide for younger children. (Ages 5-8)

What is sacred? How do we extract meaning from sacred texts? Where do religious stories come from? How are these stories relevant to people today? The resources in this site will allow you to investigate all these questions and more.

Islam fuer Kinder E-Book

Omphaloskepsis “publishes important works of ancient and non-western literature by providing them without charge in electronic format. For cross-platform compatability and ease of use, books are in PDF format.

A cookbook with essays and anecdotes and the historic and contemporary of food, eating, meals and hospitality in Sufism, the mystical tradition of Islam.

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