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Name: Laura Provencher
Institutional Affiliation: Graduate Student at the University of Arizona Department of Near Eastern Studies

“Night of the Moon”
Grades: K-5
This is a multi-disciplinary lesson based on the book “Night of the Moon,” which involves reading, social studies (learning about the Muslim celebration of Ramadan), science (phases of the moon), and Language Arts (homophones, homonyms).

* Read-A-Loud
* Exploring Phases of the Moon
* Homophones & Homonyms

Source: Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies – University of Illinois

# Celebrating Ramadan (Lesson Plan and Lamp Craft Project)
# Eid Card Craft Project

While reading Happy Muslim Mama’s blog I came upon the link to the Eid London 08 Webmag – beautiful!

MashAllah, right in time…The First 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah Learning Unit and Lapbook Kit can be found on the Talibiddeen Jr. blog.


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