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A Group Project Abroad (GPA) by Carol Bacon

Topic: History, Social Studies, Geography

Subject: Where in the World is Morocco?

Duration of lesson: 3-50 minute lessons

Grade Level: K-5

Rationale: The students will develop an understanding of Africa and its diversity; and an understanding of Moroccan culture and geographic features.

Lesson Objective: The students will analyze and interpret maps of Africa, Morocco, California, and the Moroccan flag to learn important facts.

Download File: FullModuleCarol.pdf

Author: Michael E. Baron
Affiliation: Teacher-Consultant, Arizona Geographic Alliance
Grade Level: 6 – 12

Religious pilgrimage worldwide seems to be a near universal phenomenon, be it on a local, regional or global scale. The Muslim Hajj, drawing perhaps as many as 2.5 million pilgrims in 2006, is one of the larger global pilgrimage phenomena. It brings Muslims from around the world to Saudi Arabia for a few days of religious solidarity each year in an otherwise very fractious world.

The purpose of this lesson is to provide students with an understanding of the Muslim Hajj and the scale of the phenomenon. In doing so, it will also give students an understanding of the distribution of Muslims worldwide and by region.

Seven Daughters and Seven Sons is the retelling of a traditional Arabic tale in which a young woman disguises herself as a man and opens up a shop in a distant city in order to help her impoverished family. Her disguise causes her many complications but she eventually succeeds in redeeming the family fortunes and finding her true love. Students will learn aspects of Middle East culture and geography through reading the book.

Lesson Plan

Eternal Egypt

Eternal Egypt brings to light over five thousand years of Egyptian civilization. Eternal Egypt is a living record of a land rich in art and history, people and places, myths and religions. The stories of Eternal Egypt are told using the latest interactive technologies, high-resolution imagery, animations, virtual environments, remote cameras, three-dimensional models and more.

Source: Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies – University of Illinois

# Amazing Race Lesson Plan
# Amazing Race 1
# Amazing Race 2
# Amazing Race 3
# Amazing Race 4
# Amazing Race 5

Source: Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies – University of Illinois

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