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This website has been launched by the governments of Oman and Singapore to cover the construction and voyage of a 9th-century Arab sailing ship.

A team of experts has built the Jewel of Muscat in a specially constructed shipyard on the beach in Qantab in Oman. They are using a range of historical sources, including archaeological findings from the ‘Belitung Wreck’, including the Tang Treasure, which was discovered in 1998 in Indonesia waters.

The ship has been constructed with the methods available to 9th-century Arab craftsmen. The planks have been sewn together using coconut fibre, and the square sails will be made of plaited palm leaves.

Once constructed, the ship set sail on an historic journey from Oman to Singapore.

See what two amazing teachers have been working on by incorporating the history and culture of Turkey with a videoconferencing grant! They have developed a great blogsite that describes their grant and their interest in teaching students about Turkey. It is a valuable teaching tool for educators filled with links, interdisciplinary lessons plans, resources, video clips, and more!

Every once in a while you come across a website so amazing that you need to share it with everyone you know, and Mideast Image is one such site. Sponsored by Creative Syria, this website hosts an archive of an Exclusive Private Collection of original photos, post cards, historical documents, and art objects from the
Levant, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. These images were taken as early as 1850. Explore the cities of the Middle East through these wonderful photos!

Meet and explore the Ottomans in this interactive website! This site details the history, academic works, campaigns and armies, art and culture, and family that created the Ottoman Empire. There is also a web
forum that Ottoman aficionados can become a part of.

Le projet « Les découvertes en pays d’Islam » propose aux élèves de cycle 3 et de collège (6° et 5°) d’étudier une découverte ou invention scientifique de l’âge d’or de la science arabe (VIIe – XVe siècle) . Les activités proposées aux élèves et disponibles sur ce site s’organisent autour d’une recherche documentaire sur un savant arabe et sa découverte, de la reproduction en classe d’une expérience importante concernant cette découverte, avec un matériel simple, et d’un échange avec les autres classes engagées dans le projet.


On Valentines Day in 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt welcomed Saudi Arabias King Abd al-Aziz Ibn Saud aboard the U.S.S. Quincy. This eyewitness account by the meetings sole interpreter provides a fascinating glimpse into one of the first official meetings between U.S. and Saudi leaders. It was first published by AMIDEAST in 1954 and reprinted in 1955 by Selwa Press. AMIDEAST is pleased to provide it [here] with permission from Selwa Press.


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