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Umm Salihah reminded us of the annual Islam Awareness Week 2009 on her blog Positive Islam.

The theme for Islam Awareness Week 2009 is “Walk the Talk”. It is about recognizing our common humanity, celebrating our diversity and respecting each other.

Islam Awareness Week (IAW) has been taking place across the UK in the third week of November for the last 15 years. Initially the aim was simply to provide a platform for British Muslims themselves to help remove misconceptions about Islam, which is now the UK’s second largest faith.

Since then, it has also become an opportunity for people of all faiths (and none) to come together in a spirit of understanding and co-operation. IAW is also about helping to build links between people, a celebration of art and culture and getting people to work together for the common good.

What happens when Talibiddeen Jr. and Umm Abdul Basir team up? A new gem is born! Visit Islamic Bulletin Boards for links to Islamic based/themed bulletin boards and related resources around the internet to help you stimulate, educate, and decorate!


Le projet « Les découvertes en pays d’Islam » propose aux élèves de cycle 3 et de collège (6° et 5°) d’étudier une découverte ou invention scientifique de l’âge d’or de la science arabe (VIIe – XVe siècle) . Les activités proposées aux élèves et disponibles sur ce site s’organisent autour d’une recherche documentaire sur un savant arabe et sa découverte, de la reproduction en classe d’une expérience importante concernant cette découverte, avec un matériel simple, et d’un échange avec les autres classes engagées dans le projet.


By Susan Douglass

An introduction to Islam, including a discussion of the history, basic beliefs, practices and contemporary issues of this monotheistic religion.

Format: Adobe Portable Document Format (.PDF)
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Sacred: Discover what we share was the British Library’s most ambitious exhibition to date. It proved the most successful, both in terms of visitors, and of the overwhelmingly positive reaction from press and public alike. On display were 150 texts including a Dead Sea Scroll, a Qur’an all written in gold, and the world’s oldest complete Bible.

Name: Cynthia Ann Magruder and Paula Russo

Discipline: History and Visual Arts, respectively

School: Mercy High School, Baltimore, MD

Grade Level/Content Focus: Ninth Grade/World Cultures, Social Studies

Time Required for Lesson: Four 75-minute class periods

Lesson Plan

Name: Anne Dorwart

School: Century High School

Grades taught: 9 to 12

Grade level appropriate: 11th World History

Discipline: Social Studies

Duration: 2 – 3 class periods of 90 minutes

Big idea: Morality and Treatment of Others

Students will compare and contrast the Islamic tolerance of Jews and Christians to the Christian/Catholic intolerance in Spain and analyze the long-term impacts of these policies. Students will then use this historical lesson to determine how much religious freedom should be granted to a country’s citizens in today’s world.

Lesson Plan


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