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Umm Salihah reminded us of the annual Islam Awareness Week 2009 on her blog Positive Islam.

The theme for Islam Awareness Week 2009 is “Walk the Talk”. It is about recognizing our common humanity, celebrating our diversity and respecting each other.

Islam Awareness Week (IAW) has been taking place across the UK in the third week of November for the last 15 years. Initially the aim was simply to provide a platform for British Muslims themselves to help remove misconceptions about Islam, which is now the UK’s second largest faith.

Since then, it has also become an opportunity for people of all faiths (and none) to come together in a spirit of understanding and co-operation. IAW is also about helping to build links between people, a celebration of art and culture and getting people to work together for the common good.

Muslims in Britain is a publication of the Islamic Society of Britain


While reading Happy Muslim Mama’s blog I came upon the link to the Eid London 08 Webmag – beautiful!

This is just a glimpse of Islamic media in the UK. Many articles in these magazines are great for lesson plan starters.

Q News The Muslim Magazine

Q-News is Britain’s leading Muslim magazine, providing outside-the-box analysis of current affairs, culture, ideas and spirituality. With a potent and engaging mix of humour, faith and unconventional wisdom, Q-News has repeatedly set the agenda, rather than react to it.

Islam Channel TV

Islam Channel provides alternative news, current affairs and entertainment programming from an Islamic perspective.

Islam 21

Emel Magazine

The Muslim News

Salafi Publications

The Muslim Weekly

Full English Breakfast – Ramadan in the UK by Ramadhanzone

Ramadan Festival UK

This is a website about race, racism and life – as seen through the eyes of the Britkids
Would you like to…hang out with a Britkid, or go into town?

Let’s go to Britchester >>>

Don’t forget to visit the “Serious Issues” and “Teachers’ Stuff” section.

Source: The Council for Arab-British Understanding

Lesson Plans – Arabs and Islam: the stereotypes

A series of lesson plans which deal with, address and challenge some of the prevalent stereotypes about Arabs and Muslims.

Lesson plans – developing media literacy

A selection of lesson plans designed to develop media literacy – particularly important when it comes to controversial and misunderstood issues such as Islam and the Arab world.

See also our backgrounder on how the media deals with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Lesson Plans – Exploring Political Violence
These lesson plans are designed to stimulate critical thinking about the nature and history of terrorism – a key political issue about which there is no internationally agreed definition.

Lesson Plans – Human Rights


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