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Source: Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies – University of Illinois

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MashAllah, right in time…The First 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah Learning Unit and Lapbook Kit can be found on the Talibiddeen Jr. blog.

MashAllah, Sister Aminah has lots of interesting updates on her blog My Test.

Another great creation from Talibiddeen Jr. is now to be found on its Lulu store:

Clothing and Islamic Manners of Dress: Lapbooking Kit/Learning Pack

The wearing of clothes, like many other actions, can be ibaadah to Allah if worn appropriately. In today’s world, it may become confusing for our children to know what is appropriate for Muslims to wear and what is not. The purpose of this unit is to teach Muslim children about the Islamic manner of dress in a fun and creative way. If you are into lapbooking, you will find templates to help you create a lapbook. Lapbooks are fun to make and provide for an excellent way for students to review the material from time to time on their own. If you are not making lapbooks, there are still loads of activities that students can complete.
(75 pages) Download: $3.99

Talibiddeen Jr. has published a great Eidul Fitr Lapbook/Learning Pack on

You can visit the Talibiddeen Jr. Lulu store or view the Ramadan’s Eidul Fitr Lapbook/Learning Pack here. The book is available for download for a fantastic price! Learn/teach about Eidul Fitr and have fun at the same time!


Learn/teach about Eidul Fitr through these creative activities. Includes several mini book/shape templates to use to make a lapbook and templates for an Eid Memory Book. Also includes lessons, and coloring and handwriting activities. An Eid printable board game in addition to Eid Recipes and a special “Eid Around the World” feature are also included.

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This list is by no means complete. It is meant to be a jump start for all those interested in lapbooking. M aim this coming summer is to implement Islamic Studies into lapbooks. InshaAllah, I would love to hear comments from those of you who already tackled this challenge!

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    This is a Christian-Run site for Free Lapbooks and Lapbook Video Lessons! You’ll find quick and easy tips for making your Lapbook experience more enjoyable for your children. Watch our Lapbook video’s and learn how to make your own Lapbook templates and books! Surf out Lapbooking blogs for more tips, tricks and ideas for making Lapbooks with your children! Print our Free Lapbooks or make your own!

    I will post more lapbooking resources in the next few days. My aim is to integrate Islamic Studies into lapbooks. The goal is to provide a fun learning experience to our children and to increase their Deen, InshaAllah.


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