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Produced by Judy Brodigan

This five-part lesson about Egypt is designed to help young students explore the similarities between themselves and the other humans who inhabit our planet.

High on the sands of the Sahara Desert stand the pyramids of Egypt, a visual reminder of a superior civilization that thrived along the Nile River beginning over 7000 years ago. This advanced civilization provided the world with a wealth of learning and inventions. The Middle East also gave birth to three major religions.

If we are to have world peace, we must learn to understand and accept one another. These lessons are designed to help young students explore the similarities between themselves and the other humans who inhabit our planet. It is my hope that this understanding will lead to increased tolerance.

This five part lesson about Egypt is designed for elementary level classrooms, and explores the following lessons:

Lesson One
Egypt: Where Is It and What Is It Like?

Lesson Two
Comparing Communities: How Long Have the Communities of Egypt and the United States Existed?

Lesson Three
Using Artifacts to Uncover Culture: What is This Item and What is its Purpose?

Lesson Four
Earning a Living: Farming and Tourism in Egypt

Lesson Five
Children in Egypt and the United States: What Do We Share?
Each lesson includes background information for the teacher, suggested activities, worksheets, audiovisuals, etc. A bibliography and resource list is enclosed.

Download files for this resource
Egypt: A Land of Firsts

A Group Project Abroad (GPA) by Carol Bacon

Topic: History, Social Studies, Geography

Subject: Where in the World is Morocco?

Duration of lesson: 3-50 minute lessons

Grade Level: K-5

Rationale: The students will develop an understanding of Africa and its diversity; and an understanding of Moroccan culture and geographic features.

Lesson Objective: The students will analyze and interpret maps of Africa, Morocco, California, and the Moroccan flag to learn important facts.

Download File: FullModuleCarol.pdf

The Well Read Muslim features interesting lesson plans tied to literacy. Do not forget to visit this sister’s other blog:

Der Islam
Feindbild Islam
Die Islamdebatte
Einsatz in Deutschland: Islamische Kämpfer für den heiligen Krieg
Türken in Berlin – Integration ohne Chancen?
Umstritten – Der Prediger Abdul Adhim
Scharia in Deutschland – wie muslimische Fanatiker unbehelligt zu Gewalt aufrufen
Muslimische Stadtführungen
Eine neue Moschee für Berlin
Erschreckend – Ausländerhass per Flugblatt
Faszination islamische Kultur: Das Aga Khan Museum
Unberührt in die Ehe – Verzweiflung bei jungen Musliminnen

Der Islam – 1. Der Prophet Muhamed

Der Islam – 2. Das Wort und das Gesetz

Der Islam – 3. Das Glaubensleben

Der Islam – 4. Islamische Kultur

Der Islam – 5. Der politische Islam

Islam – 6. Jugend in Kairo

Das Kopftuch

Religionen der Welt – 3. Islam

Mit Kopftuch und Computer – jung, erfolgreich, muslimisch

Prinz, Pascha, Prügelknabe – Muslimische Jungs im Kiez


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