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The Well Read Muslim features interesting lesson plans tied to literacy. Do not forget to visit this sister’s other blog:

We’ve been all patiently waiting and with Ramadan just around the corner InshaAllah, Talibiddeen Jr. just announced its new and revamped TJ Ramadan site.

Educating the Muslim Child is now available in a new format!

I came across sister Saraa’s blog on Sisterswhoblog.

This blog is a place for parents, teachers, librarians and care givers to obtain information about:
recommendations and reviews of books and multimedia for Muslim children and young adults
the content and themes of books for Muslim children and young adults
tips and issues surrounding reading and literacy
information about children’s and young adult libraries as related to Muslims

Mount Hira Learn Ayat Al-Kursi

This contest will be extended until the end of the reading program, and InshaAllah the winning design will be used for next year’s 2nd Annual Summer Islamic Reading Challenge button!


1. Open the coloring page here.
2. Design a Button. Create & Enjoy!
3. Scan and email on or before 12 midnight EST August 15, 2009 to contest[at]
4. Email must state: (a) Child’s full name. Only the first name and last initial will be publicized. (b) Age and DOB (date of birth).
5. Age groups: 1-day – 8 years, 9 – 14 years, and 15 – 22 years.

Make Ramadan more memorable with TJ’s Ramadan memory book! Record facts about Ramadan, activities completed, crafts and recipes that were made. Interwoven into the book are several mini lessons. The Ramadan Memory Book can serve as a Ramadan curriculum guide for younger children. (Ages 5-8) is an online magazine aimed for Muslim Moms living in America, or American Muslim Moms living aboard. What started off as a family blog in 2005, encourages Muslim Moms to share tips, tools and resources as they raise Mumins (true believers) based on the Qur’an and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him). The community has a large following of non-Muslims, all of who benefits from Islamic, motivational, educational, practical, and fun articles, reviews, videos, contests, give-aways, and much more. American Muslim Moms are “Mommies Determined to Raise Mumins Together”.
You will find:

  • A repository of useful articles for Muslim Moms. The articles are aimed to help you with all aspects of raising Mumin (true believers) in a non-Muslim country.
  • Fresh content is added regularly including interviews with other Muslim moms and experts, How-To instructional articles, and audios dealing with current interests such as Freebie Friday, and “Everyone’s Favorites”
  • Comprehensive Freebies List Online!Freebies online galoreFree Museums, Parks, Field Trips in your state – How to find them
  • Teaching children how to type and have fun


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