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Source: Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies – University of Illinois

* Cross-Culture Head Coverings
* Cross-Culture Veiling Lesson Plan
* Annotated Resources on Veiling
* Middle Eastern Dress Vocabulary
* Dress Vocabulary CrossWord
* Middle Eastern Dress Quiz
* Middle Eastern Dress Word Search

The Hijab Between Secularism and Piety

Lesson Plan on Veiling

Secularism in Comparative Perspective—The Hijab as Case Study in Three Countries

Who Wears a Veil?

Secularism vs. Democracy: A Study of the Hijab Issue

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Understanding the Veil in Islam, Western Societies

The Veil
A brief exploration of the complex topic of hijab and face-veiling in Islam

Why do Muslim women wear the hijab?
Eighteen year old Canadian Muslimah Sumayyah Hussein explains. (Followed by discussion points for young people.)

Understanding Turbans
Pictures and explanations of various types of headwear..

Veiled in Controversy
New concerns of girls and women about wearing distinctively Muslim garments.


Lesson plan developed by Cynthia McNulty, Oakland Catholic High School

Grade Level: Advanced Placement World History

Lesson Plan

MashAllah. This is a photo blog dedicated to hijabis. It features photos of various women in hijab.

Enter the site here.

Suppression or Liberation: Islam, Hijab, and Modern Society

Source: Wide Angle –

Level: 9-12th Grade

Lesson Plan

In addition…

Class of 2006


Author: T. S. Hattar

Level: High School

This lesson plan offers students to explore questions pertaining to the Muslim custom of veiling as it exists in contemporary society, both in the Middle East and the United States. This topic is particularly relevant as a means of allowing students to understand that modernity is a circumstance created by changing economic circumstances and that veiling, rather than being seen as a “traditional” holdover, is a response to modern circumstances.

Veiling (PDF)


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