I’ve been tagged by Happy Muslim Mama for a tag on bloggers I am curious about!

Ladies…you have been tagged!

Happy Muslim Mama – I wonder how she writes these wonderful blog entries during her lunch break…or is she secretly using her work time as well? How large is her home library and how does she manage to read all these books and review them?

Ummibra – I am her self-prescribed biggest fan! I wonder how she manages to raise eight (yes ladies…eight as in “8”) children and still finds the time to create all her wonderful teaching materials? She’s always funny and upbeat and my bestest cyber-friend!

Sister Khadija – I wonder how she became the talented crafter she is? Her creations are exquisite and she made Ramadan a wonderful experience for my children this year. She lives close to us and I would love to admire her creations “live” one day.

Sister Shirin – I wonder how busy she is making memories at this moment? She is always on the run, claims to clash with everything but most important…she has a never-ending love for books.

Sketched Soul – I wonder how she became the philanthropist she is? How does she come up with these great swap ideas?

Qalballah – I wonder if she soon needs a bigger house to stack her never-ending supplies of fabrics and floss? Will she surrender to her thrifting addiction?

Rickshaw Diaries – Another blogger who lives in the same area! I wonder where she finds her inspiration for being a critical blogger? How does she ever take a break from being a human rights & responsibilities advocate?

I wonder how interesting it would be meeting you all one day?